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As Memorial Day weekend approaches, everything seems right in Yankeeland for the most part. As of this story, the Yankees stand at 27-17 and are in first place in the AL East. Sure, there are some concerns, mostly the pitching of course, this Yankee team has been better than most predicted.

Pretty soon we will be hearing trade rumors and there will be a ton of speculation as to what the Yankees should and need to do. Who should we keep? Who should we trade and for whom should we be traded for? As the trade deadline approaches, all eyes will be on Brian Cashman and Hal Steinbrenner.   

Photo: New York Daily News
According to this piece in the New York Daily News, Cashman's biggest job will be convincing Hal to part with some prospects...

"For all the praise Brian Cashman received for the prospect haul he brought back in trades last summer, his top accomplishment may well have been convincing Hal Steinbrenner the time had come to sell — especially when Randy Levine was in the owner’s other ear, arguing to the contrary."

Photo: USA Today
As it stands right now things look pretty damn good in the Bronx. The Yankees have a 2 1/2 game lead over the Orioles in the AL East. What's even better is Boston, who, before the season were the overwhelming favorites, but not right now.  Instead, 3rd place... and 3 1/2 games out. We have seen some great plays as well as some boneheaded ones.

Photo: Newsday
We've seen everything from a bloop single to a monster home run from our bats. The offense though can only carry you so far. Once again... pitching is the issue.  They need to be consistent.

Now look, I'm not advocating trading away the entire farm so that they can win today! I don't believe they really need to necessarily. I think, they can win with the team they field now... my opinion of course. Though I also believe if they don't get another starter that can pitch on a consistent basis and give them quality innings, things may not look as good in September as they do right now. Eventually the bullpen will break down and be ineffective. In fact, we may have already witnessed that to some degree.

In the end, someone may need to go.  Maybe it's Rob Refsnyder.  Maybe Clint Frazier. Who really knows. But listen... very soon we will find out.  Until then though, let all the speculation and suggestions flow. That's all part of the fun of being a fan anyway... isn't it?

--Michael Carnesi
BYB Writer

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American Eagle


Everyone is excited about Gleyber Torres.  He's making a leap to Triple A and there is plenty of talk about him coming to the Bronx real fast.

Well, Brendan Kuty of is more excited than anyone, and literally took the time to set a lineup with Torres in it.  I am taking the Torres portion... where he'd bat in the lineup and what Kuty thinks of him.  The full piece is HERE though. Check it out:

"It may not be long until the New York Yankees welcome top prospect Gleyber Torres to Yankee Stadium. Here's what the lineup might look like. Hint: It's not great news for Chase Headley...

Thursday, May 25, 2017


(Ed Reed/NYC Mayor's Photo Office)
So let me get this straight.  When Tom Brady's in the Big Apple, he goes to Yankee Stadium with his kids and sits in the box seats out in the open where everyone and the YES cameras can see him rooting for the home team.

And when he goes out for a bite to eat and some shopping with Gisele,  he can wear his Yankee cap in plain sight of the world's paparazzi.  But the Boston-born mayor of New York City refuses to  ever allow a Yankee cap to darken the point on his dome?  And he refuses to ever set foot inside the Stadium? Really?


Photo: New York Daily News
The Red Sox fan in Gracie Mansion thinks the Yankees and their fans should all go piss up a rope.  He said as much this week when he showed up in the Bronx for a week to basically make the entire borough and everyone in it a stage prop in his re-election campaign, setting up a faux office and pretending to conduct daily business there.

At a welcoming ceremony by the borough president, he was offered the obligatory team cap and jacket -- the same ones cheerfully accepted and proudly worn and displayed by all distinguished visitors to the Bronx, including presidents, prime ministers, queens, kings and popes. But de Blasio didn't accept it... he got whiney about it.

"Oh God. We have a situation," the mayor said as Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. unveiled the souvenirs. "Call security immediately."

Diaz would not be deterred, but de Blasio absolutely refused to wear the cap, instead agreeing to hold up half a jacket while covering his face and turning away from the camera.

He called that a "compromise."

I call it a joke. This is a guy that will march in an upcoming parade honoring someone who served time for killing and maiming innocent people with bombs, but he can't support a New York Team?  Are you kidding me?

Tell you what, Bill. When the Yankees win their World Championship and have their parade, find an excuse to be out of town that week... you're terrible. 

New England's lovely that time of year. Go root for the Sox... or the Pats.

If you do, say hi to Tom for us.

He gets it. Maybe he'll explain it to you.

 --Barry Millman
BYB Writer
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Brian Cashman is rich!

The Yankees have a lot of depth, and a lot of guys that are ready or will soon be ready for the next step. Gleyber Torres made a quick jump from Double-A to Triple-A and will soon be knocking on the Bronx door (Watch out Chase Headley!) Sure, I may be fast forwarding a little bit, but the guy has talent and at this rate he could be our next third baseman. Soon, some of our other guys could be in the same situation. The Yankees haven't had this challenge in years. As Joe Girardi would say It's a good problem to have.

For years we have been pretty bad at developing positional players and when we did.....a superstar veteran was blocking them. Going forward, the possibilities are endless but Cashman may have to get extra creative. So with so much talent, how does Cashman handle it?

Photo: USA Today
Cashman answered it best HERE when he said "If a guy is ready and you can find room, you do that. If you have something that is not working on the major league level, you rearrange.
If not, you wait or trade." It's just another example of Cashman and his poker face. For years, we have traded our farm away for a big superstar to WIN NOW. Now, we are just collecting talented players no matter what position they play and I like it!

Now the question is....with the recent promotion of Torres is Cashman preparing for a future move with Chase Headley? If you follow a lot of the media hype recently, some suggest that Headley's days in pinstripes are numbered, like THIS article. It all sounds like everything is looking up for Torres, but nothing is going Headley's way.

Or, this could also work in the Yankees favor if they are in contention by the trade deadline. The Yankees could add other pieces they need like starting pitching without giving away the top prospects which Hal Steinbrenner has already said he won't do HERE. But, considering how deep the Yankees are at certain positions they can afford to sacrifice a prospect that for us may not be a top prospect and have a roadblock in front of them but would be a top prospect for another team.

The Cubs essentially felt the same way about Torres when they gave him up for Aroldis Chapman and look how well that ended up for the Yankees.

It took a long time to get here, but finally we can agree with Cashman and say "If you have a number of guys performing at the minor league level and performing at the major league level simultaneously, you don’t complain. You smile." 

No complaints here, Cashman!

--Jeana Bellezza
BYB Managing Editor
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BYB is done.  We've accomplished everything. We're closing shop. It's over, we conquered everything ever that we wanted to accomplish... thanks all... (Curtain falls). 

KIDDING, take a chill pill.  I still have more to do...

Just wanted to publically thank Bryan Hoch for taking a chance and following BYB on Twitter.  He's a solid reporter, one of the best out there, and in my little world of personally liking a few really, really good writers, like Pete Caldera, Pete Abraham, Eric Boland, Ken Davidoff, Wally Matthews, Jack Curry, Bob Klapisch... Hoch is right there.

So this is a thank you.  Thanks to all those guys.  Without those writers in my life, Bleeding Yankee Blue would never have become a thing. 

We were inspired because we had an idea.  We wanted to talk about the New York Yankees... but we wanted to talk about family and life and expand to a much different audience thanstat nerds and jerks. 

 We found that audience that no one tapped into, more women than men and we are doing our best to present good and solid stories with the help of giving shout-outs to many fine reporters out there in our reporting.  To me, it's about giving back to the reporters that helped me, even if they never realized it in their own careers! Those sports reporters are important to me personally. 

We love our fans and BYB friends! All of it inspired by the great writers out there!

So thanks Bryan Hoch.

You don't happy croon like my man, Caldera too... do you?

Love Caldera! Simply the best! 

Happy Thursday!