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The player was pretty much interchangeable, wasn't he? I mean yes, I wanted Carlos Beltran to sign with the New York Yankees for about $16 million (or less), but in reality, it could have been Carlos, Frank Jones, Matt Holliday or my mailman... as long as the price was low, as long as that player would contribute and as long as the Yankees had enough dough to sign Aroldis Chapman and a starter or 2 down the road.

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My beef wasn't with the Yankees NOT signing Beltran.

My concern was that the Yankees needed to sign a DH low... so they had money left over.  Unfortunately some out there that read only headlines and didn't understand my concern... BECAUSE THEY NEVER READ THE ACTUAL STORY! If you want a refresher, read ARGUING WITH IDIOTS WHEN IT COMES TO BELTRAN.

Sweeny Murti has the story about the signing of Holliday:
And now it's pretty much done.   1 year, $13 million and a veteran in the clubhouse to help mold the kids, and help be productive at the plate... his only jobs as a New York Yankee.  Now look, this is a very good thing. As fellow BYB senior writer Dan Lucia texted me just a short time ago:

It's very true.

And for the record... Suzie Pinstripe called it.  Read  3 GOALS FOR CASHMAN AT THE WINTER MEETINGS..., writing,

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"Now, among those available, we are left with a very expensive Edwin Encarnacion and a more affordable Matt Holliday, who I believe could be a 'Zobrist' for the Yankees.  "Holliday isn’t be looked at by the Yankees as a left-field possibility. He is considered a DH at this point with the possibility of playing some first base, a position at which he has played just 10 games in the big leagues," reported the Post on Saturday.  In 2016, Holliday played a total of 110 games with 382 AB, .246 BA, 20 HR and 62 RBIs.  He could definitely be a worthy DH for us following the departure of Brian McCann."

The off season has begun folks.  With Holliday signed... CHEAP by the way... now we look at guys like Aroldis Chapman.  Yanks need to make that deal...

And to all of you out there that had no idea why I would want to sign Beltran... now you know because we signed Holliday.  It's essentially the same signing... now we have some cash to spend!

Go Yanks!


And we have them right here at Bleeding Yankee Blue. Thanks for joining us this morning...
We have been previewing the MLB Winter Meetings over the last week with much of the discussion centered around protecting our farm while shopping for big arms and big bats.  This year's Meetings tout the biggest free agents in history and with the Meetings about to begin, the New York Post is reporting that Brian Cashman has three goals for this year's meetings and it will be interesting to watch and see if he achieves these.

 Source: AP Photo/Tony Gutierrez
Goal 1:  Land a DH- This has been a priority from the start and with Houston's signing of Carlos Beltran on Saturday, the market is down one prospect that the Yankees could afford without giving away the bank.  Recall that the Chicago Cubs were able to sign free agent Ben Zobrist for an affordable price that paid big dividends as the veteran outfielder earned MVP honors in this year's World Series victory.  Now, among those available, we are left with a very expensive Edwin Encarnacion and a more affordable Matt Holliday, who I believe could be a 'Zobrist' for the Yankees.  "Holliday isn’t be looked at by the Yankees as a left-field possibility. He is considered a DH at this point with the possibility of playing some first base, a position at which he has played just 10 games in the big leagues," reported the Post on Saturday.  In 2016, Holliday played a total of 110 games with 382 AB, .246 BA, 20 HR and 62 RBIs.  He could definitely be a worthy DH for us following the departure of Brian McCann.

Source: CBS New York - CBS Local
Goal 2:  Decide how much Aroldis Chapman is truly worth and take action- Hmmm...I am not a fan of Chapman but he was a huge reason for the Cubs' Playoff and eventual World Series win.  I also think the way Joe Maddon managed him was also a huge factor in Chapman's success.  According to Fox Sports' interview with Maddon at the Yogi Berra Museum this week,  Maddon stated with confidence that because of the way the pitching staff worked him at the end of the season, Chapman was more than ready for the challenge he would face in the playoffs. "We thought by the time we got to the end, that’s what he (Chapman) was there for, man. He was there to be that horse. He’d come in and have conversations all the time in my office. We’d talk through this before every game. What are you capable of? What can you do? What can you not do? The conversation was pretty much going on throughout the entire playoffs."

Source: Kim Klement-US PRESSWIRE
Goal 3: What would the clubs offer for veteran outfielder Brett Gardner- I'm not happy about this goal at all.  I believe Brett Gardner brings more to the team than speed, continuity and longevity.  He brings leadership, mentorship and a club house presence that is invaluable.  But according to the Post, the teams will offer and the Yankees will listen.  I believe that there is no replacement for Gardner because his contribution is too many layers thick for any price tag.

The Winter Meetings begin today and end on Thursday, December 8th.  There's a lot at stake and I am hopeful that the Yankees and Cashman score a win-win without giving away the farm or veteran players that are a mainstay for the culture and future of our team.

--Suzie Pinstripe
BYB Managing Editor
Twitter: @suzieprof


I've had it when folks who read headlines and don't read articles. I've had it with folks who don't actually do research before they comment on Facebook, Twitter, etc.  I've had it with social media, the way people have such disrespect for each other because they feel as though they're faceless on the web, and I find it despicable that even in during this now holiday season... it doesn't get any better.

I have some pretty interesting news for all of you.... articles have content in them. It's nothing new, it's been going on since about 1605 in Germany when the publication, Relation aller Fürnemmen und gedenckwürdigen Historien was born. That's a long time ago.

Since then, there have been amazing advances, more and more newspapers, books, magazines, flyers and even the Internet arrived.  Some of it very good, most of it has great information. All of it is interesting to at least 1 person.  And you know what? Some of it has opinion, and sometimes folks, you may not agree with the opinion. But in the end, in the normal world, folks read it, formulate an opposing thought or agree, and move on, out of respect for the person. Because in the end, we're human beings... NOT enemies and a bunch of bitches.  Opinion may be different, but that doesn't give you a free pass to attack, name call and belittle anyone...EVER. 

I respect all opinions, but mostly if they are intelligent ones. Yes, it's true, I fine some to be silly. Some I find outrageous, but the people that voice and write them have the right to speak their minds in any forum they want. I know I do, so why would it be one sided?

I need to share this, because it's just so disrespectful it needs a forum full of BYB sharks to put them in their place.  I tried to be nice, and I think I handled it as good as I'm going to... but I gotta tell you something... being an idiot doesn't mean you get a freebie to say what you want. And so, I needed to post it here for the world to see. Enjoy this one, I did:

 Photo Credit: Getty Images / Jim McIsaac

That's one... he's a loser, what do you want from me?

Here's another one that just didn't have a true grasp on what was going on:

(Oct. 16, 2016 - Source: Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images North America)

(Aug. 4, 2016 - Source: Bob Levey/Getty Images North America)

Yeah... he suddenly disappeared. How convenient.


Anyway... I have a very interesting word for all of you.

READ... it's fundamental.

RESEARCH. Know what the hell you're talking about before you speak.  It makes it so much more interesting for the reader.

Understand that if you prepare a statement, you should have information to back it up.  That stupid comment about dwindling numbers isn't even close to correct. And when I asked that other dude if he actually read the article: STALLED YANKEES MISS BELTRAN BOAT BIG TIME!, you would assume he would write back that he did... but clearly... he did not.  Bottom line... if you only read headlines... you don't only deprive yourself of of knowledge, you look like a fool when you try and have a conversation.  I'm serious.

Hmm. Clowns at Bleeding Yankee Blue? There are none here. But I'm not gonna lie, some days I want to put on a my clown costume and make up and just be free....

Yup... it's a fantasy.

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Just a quick note about Rich Hill, a decent starting pitcher and a guy the Yankees were looking at for one hot second.  Looks like the Dodgers may have a deal with him.  That news comes from a tweet from Bill Plunkett at the Orange County Register:
Now, a deal's not done, but could be soon.  It's being reported that Hill could get a 3 year deal worth $40 million. 

(Oct. 12, 2016 - Source: Pool/Getty Images North America)
We shall see, but that's just another player the Yankees have passed on. Earlier today it was revealed that Carlos Beltran signed a 1 year deal with the Astros, and the Yankees never made him an offer.  Now it looks like Hill may go too... and you gotta wonder what Cashman has up his sleeve in the world of this off-season.

All of it is very exciting and interesting... more to come.

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It was a significant opportunity to get a power bat at a reasonable price and still have plenty of bread to upgrade our pitching, both in the front and back end of the rotation... and the Yankees blew it....what else is new?

I'll say it again... it was the perfect situation for the Yankees, and something they really needed.  They wanted to make a deal with Carlos Beltran and Beltran wanted a deal with the New York Yankees. It was simple; a 1 year deal at low money was perfect, because after all, the Yankees knew what they'd get with Beltran and Beltran ultimately wanted to retire in pinstripes. 

(May 21, 2016 - Source: Stephen Lam/Getty Images North America)
But none of that happened, probably because Cashman wasn't given the OK from a slow moving Yankee brass that doesn't actually know what it wants.  And so, because there was a worry of not getting what he wanted, Beltran pulled the trigger early and went with another team... a team he was also familiar with. A team that likes him and is building their roster for a win next season.  Good for them.

Photo: Getty Images
The Astros signed Carlos Beltran a one year deal for the same amount that could have easily been offered by the New York Yankees.  Everyone has this story, but we'll plug Bob Nightengale on this one:
And so, this leaves the Yankees with their dick in their hands and now forced to spend MORE money than they actually wanted to on a DH and I guess... possible first baseman. 

(Oct. 18, 2016 - Source: Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images North America)
Edwin Encarnacion will now be seriously considered, and ultimately will screw any significant chance of the Yankees also landing top closer Aroldis Chapman because, as you know, money just got tight in the Yankees pocket book and trying to sign both of those guys this off season will be tricky at the money and years they want.

(Aug. 1, 2016 - Source: Andy Lyons/Getty Images North America)
So now what?  Matt Holliday? Not sure he's much better than a Carlos Beltran but makes sense. Maybe Mike Napoli? Again... same drill, but I just don't know.  I guess the difference is guys like Napoli and Edwin can play first. But if the Yanks have Greg Bird, Tyler Austin... why worry about that? Again, I have no idea what the Yankees are thinking here allowing Beltran to walk to Houston. It was an easy one.

Photo: Getty Images
In the end, this Yankee team needs a starter or 2, and a big time closer.  Chapman needs to be that closer. The starters? They will figure that out, and to be honest, I don't have a dog in that fight... I just want an upgrade to help out Sabathia and friends.

(Oct. 6, 2016 - Source: Scott Halleran/Getty Images North America)
But when it came to a power bat... Carlos Beltran was the ultimate prize here. Switch hitter with pop... cheap and a single year contract.  But that didn't happen... and now the Yanks have to worry about how much money they will be doling out for "power bats" AND pitching....
Makes no sense to drag your feet like that... it just doesn't.

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