Wednesday, October 26, 2016


The whole world has heard by now the big rant that hit the airwaves yesterday as the New York Yankees announced their new enhancements to Yankee Stadium. I'm talking about Mike Francesa, of course, and his displeasure with the changes. He sounded like he was just handed the memo while he was on the air, and just reacting to it off the top of his head. Now I have always liked Mike, so don't mistake what I'm saying as bashing the guy. I think times are changing, the Yankees are trying to make the Stadium better, and Mike is having a hard time adjusting.

The full description of the changes is kind of long, but you can read it for yourself on the Yankees' site HERE. First of all, if you heard the broadcast, you might think Mike has a problem with bars and restaurants at the Stadium. If he does, he's the only one. I've been to the restaurants and to most of the party decks. I love them. I've never seen anyone in there looking unhappy. So what's the problem? You're mad because the Yankees want to open another place to sit, eat, and drink while they enjoy the game? C'mon man.

Next, he ripped into the new Sunrun Kids Clubhouse. This I just don't get. I mean, he has three small children. Keeping the kids in their seats for 3+ hours in the hot summer sun even with the occasional bathroom and food/drink run is nearly impossible without something bad happening. Every parent knows the kids need a break, even the most die-hard. The Yankees will also have a private space for mothers who are nursing. Mike took special aim at that. In fact, he went back to talking about "breast pumps" at least 3 times. Again, I like Mike. But I remember the days when the Yankees held Briefcase Day for men 25 and over (I think it was 25, but I might be wrong). Making it a little more friendly and comfortable for women and mothers is a step in the right direction. It's about time.

Finally, Mike opened fire on what the Yankees are calling social gathering areas. They're open areas for fans to hang out. They already had a couple of those areas behind the bleachers. They're pretty nice actually. “Isn’t there a game going on during this?" Yes, there is, Mike. Some of us wouldn't mind it if we had a place to hang out with others while cheering on the Yankees. Some of us like being social and meeting people. I'm not sure what the problem is.

Since we're on the topic of social gathering, I wish they'd knock down that stupid "moat". I'm glad that all these new offerings are "accessible to all Yankee Stadium ticketed Guests". Still, nothing tells people that they're 2nd class citizens like telling them they can't hang near the people who bought the expensive tickets. It really is high time. Okay, now I'm whining!

Back to the topic at hand ...

Now I know a bunch of you are going to tell me that they're ruining the tradition of the Stadium. I hear you. I heard you at the opening of the 2009 season when you said that the Stadium didn't "feel" the same. I hear it all the time about how the Stadium feels more like a mall than a ballpark. Listen, I've been to Fenway Park (in my Yankees T-shirt, of course). Aside from the historical significance, the place is a dump. Most of the development they've done there has been outside of the ballpark in a fenced off area you're allowed to go to and still go back in the ballpark. Going there and coming back is a pain in the butt. It's hard to believe that I have to convince people of this, but having good food options and being able to get a drink while enjoying a Yankee game is a good thing. Relax. Enjoy. Change is a good thing.

One last thing. I have to say something nice about Mike Francesa. Like I said, I like the guy. I've listened to him for years. His voice is as much a part of Yankees Universe as John Sterling's home run calls and Phil Rizzuto's "Holy Cow!". I usually like what he has to say, and I always get the sense that he wants the team to do well. Maybe he had a bad day. Maybe he'll come around the next time he takes the kids to the Stadium. Regardless, this is a good thing and there's a lot of people who will appreciate it.

--Ike Dimitriadis, BYB Senior Staff Writer
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So the pre-game show set the stage for a dramatic start to an incredible World Series that no one could have predicted back in April.  Launched by Tom Petty's iconic song, Waiting is the Hardest Part, we see our nation's oldest Cleveland Indians and Chicago Cubs fans jamming to what they believe is their victory anthem.  Could this be the year for Chicago or Cleveland?  You betcha!

Things got an early start in Chicago, where Harry Caray's opening before dawn. "The Rally will run from 4 a.m. until 10 a.m., with doors opening at 4 a.m. Breakfast will be available along with a special Happy Hour from 7 a.m. until 10 a.m. (when the bar can legally serve alcohol) with $1.08 Budweiser drafts," according to the legendary announcer's pub's website.  And they were there in force this morning, chanting with their W flags and cubs regalia.

As NPR reported on Tuesday, "The Indians last won a World Series in 1948, and the Cubs haven't won since 1908. Fans and sportswriters are positively buzzing with excitement."Most of us have never lived on a planet where one of those teams is the champion of the baseball world," ESPN writes. "So pardon us while we take a moment to get a vertigo prescription filled."

And although the Cubs are favored to win the series, Cleveland has overcome a number of obstacles to find their way to this year's Fall Classic.  "The Indians have developed a reputation as "a bunch of grinders," NPR's Tom Goldman says. "They've overcome injuries to key players; they've won seven of their eight games in the postseason by an average margin of just two runs, so they're not blowing people out — they're winning with pitching, timely hitting, defense, base-stealing. They're grinding."

The game did not disappoint among the cheers, jeers and drama, as Indians took Game 1, 6-0 against the Cubs.  Corey Kluber started for the Indians, who won the American League pennant in five games over the Toronto Blue Jays and had nasty stuff again last night.  The Cubs couldn't touch him, nor could they get to Andrew Miller.

Game Two of this dramatic tale is tonight at 7:08. Don't miss it!

--Suzie Pinstripe, BYB Senior Staff Writer
BYB Hot Stove Columnist

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Tuesday, October 25, 2016


I'm not kidding. The Yankees made a few moves...

(In Photo: Matt Wivinis)
According to, "Yankees have re-signed minor-league RHP Jose Pena and signed RHP Matt Wivinis to a minor-league deal... 
In Photo: Jose Pena (Photo Credit: Bryan Green)

This past July, he (Pena) made nine appearances between the Yankees' two Rookie-level Gulf Coast League teams and Advanced Rookie-level Pulaski, posting a 1.54 ERA and 17 strikeouts in 11 2/3 innings pitched...

(In photo: Matt Wivinis)
Wivinis, 23, went undrafted out of Eastern Illinois University this past summer. He hooked on with Evansville of the independent Frontier League and went 4-0 with a 1.59 ERA in 12 games."

OK then. Welcome back gentlemen!



Achievements are great, and I wanted to quickly share one. 

We as a unit have reach 8000 stories written and read on Bleeding Yankee Blue as of today. The Story that put us over the top was CUBS COULD COCK BLOCK YANKS FROM CHAPMAN.

When I started this Yankee fan website in September of 2010, never in all of my dreams did I think about something so incredible. But we did it... the writers, you the readers and great things happened.  We have achieved something big here and I just wanted to take a moment and thank all of our readers and my incredible writers for never giving up on this project... and never giving up on ourselves.

So often when someone has a dream, obstacles can get in the way.  Over time, maybe you get bored or tired and you soon forget about something that you were once passionate about.  No question there are days that I have doubts or I get tired and just don't want to write or, better yet, sometimes we can't think about anything original or creative to pen and it's frustrating. But then, we dig in and find content and just like that... we're back on the horse.

8000 stories is a big accomplishment.  Thanks for the ride... thanks for enjoying us. Thanks for never giving up on us.

Continue to read us, share us and talk with us about the content we present.  We don't hide from what we write. We, as responsible journalists and opinion writers look for engaging you all for intelligent conversation. The others do and will NOT.

There should be no hate between fans ever.... just good wholesome banter.  That's why we are here at Bleeding Yankee Blue.  That's why you love us.

Thanks for believing. It's what makes this blog so successful.


--Robert Casey, Founder and Chief of
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Look, it is a worry, especially if the Cubs win the World Series. At that point, Aroldis Chapman could fall in love with his new team and the Cubs could off him a contract that he can't refuse, and so, it's bye bye Chapman in the Bronx. has the story, and it's very interesting:

"Although Miller isn't available to the highest bidder, Chapman will be. One year after trading for him—then trading him away—speculation has been abound for months about a possible Chapman-Yankees reunion in the form of a record contract before the start of the 2017 season.
The only problem?

Chapman's current team might not let him get out of the confines of Wrigley Field."

And of course Nick Carado of the Boston Globe writes this:

"No doubt Brian Cashman would like to get back into the hunt for Chapman after dealing him to the Cubs at the trade deadline. The one problem is the Yankees GM traded him to the Cubs, who have the resources to re-sign him."

And so yes, the Yankees biggest free agent targets appear to be Edwin Encarnacion and Aroldis Chapman, and so, with guys like ARod and Mark Texieria coming off the books, there may be that extra money lying around to make a deal for Chapman and Edwin, but the question is, will the Cubs just make it so incredible, Chapman won't want to leave.

Hey, who really knows, I just hope the Yanks can snatch him up.

Stay tuned.

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